The Mullaa Uses his Head

Mullaa displeased Sultan Nasruddin and the Sultan asked one of his men to kill Mullaa and take the lead.

Mullaa was very upset with this. Went to Birbal and asked him how to save himself.

Birbal said, “It’s a difficult situation, but let me try.” He told how to act.

Mullaa convinced the man to take him alive to the court, and this made the Sultan was furious. Asked the soldier, “I told you not bring Mullaa head to court, not Mullaa himself?”

Mullaa Nasruddin said politely, “It’s not your fault, Huzoor. Asked him to. Know when you want something done, do not trust anyone else to keep it you are wrong. So I thought, I’ll do it myself! So I decided to dare my head on my shoulder. my head is here, Huzoor. ”

Akbar was very happy with this defense and allowed him to keep his head Mullaa shoulders.

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