The Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse, any one would love to have running your home is definitely the cartoon character popular to date. Did you know that the creation of Mickey Mouse ‘s what made Walt Disney so successful?

When Walt was 26 years old, he came home by train with his wife. Walt was a sad man because they were not selling his cartoons , and was not making any money . He returned to his small studio and wanted to return with something for their staff. As he was wondering what to draw , came to the idea of a mouse. Although most people was scared of mice , yet look so vulnerable and sympathetic, that is easy to grow fond of them. So Mr. and Mrs. Disney began imagining what would appear your mouse : big ears , red velvet pants – and a bit smarter . And what they call ? ” Mortimer ! ” Walt said . But just as the train came into the station, Mrs. Disney pulled the sleeve of her husband and said, ” No. I think Mickey Mortimer Mickey Mouse? . ” .

At first Walt had a hard sell to convince his caricature . It was from study to study , Executive Director , but all his scripts were rejected. Finally, a manager in a small theater , and Walt liked his determination and agreed to the movie screen . The cartoon was extraordinarily well. It broke all records and created a sensation in the world of film . Disney was suddenly much in demand, and everyone wanted more of Mickey. Thus was born the friends of Mickey Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck , Goofy , Pluto . And the rest, as they say, is history.

And kids , remember the words of Walt Disney if you ever visit one of the great parks of Disney world . ” This was all started by a mouse .”

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