The Little White Riding Hood

The Little White Riding-Hood

In the case of the New Year Aunt Jo had an unusually beautiful gift for Leslie . It was really two gifts : a beautiful white coat and a hood of black velvet , both painted with a soft white fur around the edges . Leslie was very happy and quick to make .

“Oh , mother, ” she cried , looking at herself in the mirror,

“I am a white – Riding Hood instead of a red ! ”

” So you are ! ” Mom said laughing.

“I hope you do not eat wolf granny ” .

Leslie also and clapped his hands .

” Oh , you go see Grandma Graham and the game is the wolf , it’s just always very friendly both to eat anyone. Should have something nice take , mother, did you know that Red Riding Hood. ”

Cheerful mother filled a basket with red apples and donuts , but Leslie was not satisfied.

” I take donuts any time , I would take some of the orange box Aunt Jo .” Mother looked a little surprised.

“Are you sure that you have left , dear? Oranges do not have very often. ”

” I would , ” Leslie insisted earnestly. ” I do not think Red Riding Hood was selfish, and certainly not white Red Riding Hood wants to be .”

So mother put in three large yellow orange and Leslie running downhill your basket. Granny Graham was a sweet little old lady who lived in a small hut at the foot of the hill. Leslie knocked on the door and a pleasant voice called ,

“Enter ” . Leslie opened the door and stood in on their furry things very , very nice feeling and chills on touching the grandmother was a wolf.

” Good morning, Granny ,” she said, “I ‘m white Riding Hood .”

” Good morning, my dear , ” Grandma said , smiling, ” How well you look .”

” Oh , grandmother, ” said Leslie, ” What bright eyes you have ! ‘ ”

Bright eyes shone with fun grandmother as answered ,

“Good to see you,” laughed Leslie , was so made ??history .

” Oh . Grandmother, ‘ ” she came out playing , “what long ears you have! ‘ ”

” To hear you better, ‘” said the grandmother was all very strange because the ears sticking out from under the lid of the grandmother were tiny like the rest of it and I have not heard too well at best.

After that, Leslie held her basket a little tighter and said :

” Oh , grandmother, what sharp teeth you have! ‘ ”

” To eat , the better ‘ ” Grandma laughed , “Sure you look sweet enough. ”

Leslie ran over and put the basket in her lap.

” The oranges are sweeter, ” he said, “please eat those instead .”

” Very well,” agreed Granny , ” if I give them a kiss , will be the next best to eat. ”

At its heart, Leslie thought it was much better, and while Graham grandmother ate one of the oranges they decided that the story of White Riding Hood had a much more enjoyable than the previous book Leslie end.

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