Just Desserts

Once upon a time there was a lawyer who earned money by helping criminals escape . One day a thief who was caught for stealing money requested the lawyer to help .
” What will you give me if I’ll help you be released ? ” asked the lawyer.
“I will give 1 million rupees, ” said Criminal .
” Ok , then do what I say . In court, when counsel cross examines you , act like you ‘re a fool . Asked something, say” baa … “and nothing else . Then we can establish that you are dumb and unable to do something requires planning . ”
According to the thief . On the day of trial, the plaintiff’s attorney asked
” What is your name?”
” baa .. ”
” How old are you ? ”
” baa ”
The lawyer asked several questions and for all has only one answer. Finally, the Court ruled that the man is so boring that it was impossible that he could have stolen anything . He was acquitted .
The lawyer became very happy and came to your client for their expenses.
” Can I have my money now? ”
” baa .. ”
“Do not take that trick to me.”
” baa .. ”
” If not for me , it would have been in jail .”
” baa ”
The lawyer asked several questions and tried various tactics. But he has nothing but ” baa ” to change.
The lawyer understood that was trapped. Finally there was a customer who was bigger than him thief.

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