The Greedy Children

A poor man had four children. His children were very vague and did nothing . All they wanted was money , but as the poor did not have much money did not matter to him. Over time and became the old man. I was sad for the way they acted their children, but they could not do anything about it.

As was old , I needed someone’s attention , but their children did not care. He was worried and started thinking about a solution to this problem. At last he rose with one. In the late afternoon I started sitting in your little room with the door closed. He gave a mixed with some small stones in a can as if he was counting his money coins.

For a few days his children ignore this, but then thought that maybe his father has plenty of money from somewhere and you had every night. Everyone started to look after him , each trying to outdo the other and provide better care . Every thought that money for the poor after his death they get.

Now the poor man had no sadness, smoothly and without difficulties. Her children were taken care of it . She looked happier and healthier than before. His solution continued to work and so his sons continued to care for him .

After some time . The man fell ill and died . His children performed their last rites and taken to the small room that used to count his money . Quickly passed around the room , but found nothing remarkable. There was a small tin jar containing only a few coins along with small stones.

All their children were very disappointed. They beat their heads and badly abused him , but the man did what he wanted during the last months of his life.

( Behaving with people by nature. Not get anything if you limit your principles. )

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