Flowers for Akbar

One day Akbar and several of his courtiers were strolling in the royal gardens . Many flowers were blooming at that season.

A poet pointed to a beautiful flower and said, “Look , Jahaanpanaah , beautiful as a flower No man can produce something beautiful like this. ” .

Birbal was also there. He said, ” I do not agree with this. Sometimes a man can make the most beautiful things that this flower .

Akbar said, ” Oh no, Birbal , you’re talking nonsense This flower is really beautiful . ” .

After a few days , Akbar Birbal brought a very skilled craftsman Agra. He presented a beautiful bouquet of flowers carved marble . The emperor was very happy to see him and gave him 1000 gold coins.

At that time, a child came and presented the emperor with a beautiful bouquet of real flowers . The emperor was very happy to see him , so I gave the boy a silver coin .

Birbal said, “Then , the size was more beautiful than the real thing. ”

Akbar realized that he had fallen to his witty minister again .

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