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Do you know the origin of the famous song ” Hot pea soup, peas, oats , peas porridge in the pot nine days “? Well it all started in Europe, supposedly in England during the Middle Ages. People not well then for food and money was scarce.

People had large families to feed and not enough food for everyone. They were not aware of good nutrition or hygiene either and many people died from various diseases and pests.

However, large stone fireplaces in most homes that heat the home and serve as the stove for the family. A large pot was kept warm over the fire. All vegetables and grains and pieces of flesh would be ejected in this pot . The first day I knew well and kept the leftovers in the pot.

Every day , bits of this and that, leftovers and even mice would remain hot in the big pot that hung over the stove. But on the ninth day , all thrown out or given to the homeless. The boat was washed their best. The boat was then hung over the fire again and grains and fresh vegies could be launched .

So the saying goes ” hot pea soup, peas, oats , peas porridge in the pot nine days ” became a famous saying.

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