Fairy Tulips

Once upon a time an old woman lived in a house. She had a beautiful bed of tulips in your garden.

One night he heard singing and laughing outside . He stood and listened. It seemed that the sounds are coming from the bed of tulips. He looked out the window, but could see nothing .

The next morning examined its tulips but there was nothing strange about them . No signs of intruders.

The next night we heard singing and laughing again . Silently he rose and slipped out of the house and hid in the bus to see the tulips.
As I looked closely noticed little fairy among the tulips . The fairies were singing and was using tulips as a crib because tulip bulbs contain fairy babies .

The old woman smiled and slipped into the house. Since then never touched the flowers and she forbade the neighbors do that too.

The tulips grew even larger and eventually became the most beautiful flowers on earth.

But one day the good old died . The tulip bed was torn by strangers who did not know the secret. There they planted wheat but withered and since then nothing would grow there.

But the old woman ‘s grave grew colorful flowers and fairies sang over it so it is covered with tulips , violets and other flowers.

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