The Canyon

At first there were no guns in the world, but a wide meadow. The master of the prairie was walking over your lawn greeting, but I wanted to see not only flowers herbs .

” Where are the flowers? ” the teacher asked and answered meadow.

“Master , I need seeds ”

The teacher instructed the birds to collect the seeds of every kind of flower . Soon the prairie bloomed all summer with yellow buttercup , wild sunflower, crocuses .

The teacher was happy but realized that her favorite flowers are missing.

” Where are the clematis , violets and wind- flowers? ”

“I need to master seed ” was the reply.

The master granted the request and ordered the birds again to gather these seeds. But when the teacher came again could not find her favorite flowers .

“What happened ? ”

” I can not keep the flowers because the wind is so strong and the sun is so hot, these flowers does not support these circumstances”

Then the teacher spoke to the beam downward motion with one blow scars in the heart of the prairie. The prairie groaned in agony over his black , irregular , gaping wound . A small river runs through this wound takes black mold. Again the birds scatter the seeds in the canyon.

After a long Clematis , Columbian and great elms decked rocks and violets and rose Anemonas .

The canyon became resting place of the teacher. The haven of peace and joy.

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