King Stories

The Brave Horse Chetak

In the sixteenth century , a king named Rana Pratap ruled over parts of northwest India. The king had to fight several battles in his life. In most of his battles , his brave horse named Chetak fought bravely with his master and had protected the life of its owner.

Of the many battles he fought the king, the most important was the battle of Haldighati . Chetak lost his life in that battle , but he died as one of the great heroes of history.

During the battle , the army of Rana Pratap was only a quarter the size of the enemy army . But Chetak , like his master, was not afraid. I galloped with Rana on his back , to the elephant in the enemy sat and lifted her feet against the huge beast . The elephant panicked and turned around and in the process the sword in his trunk cut through one of the legs of Chetak .

With three legs, Chetak still lunged forward with his master. But Chetak soon understood that the life of his master was in danger. Then he refused to go on. Reverse their own, on three legs , made ​​an incredible leap over a stream , taking his master to safety , away from the battlefield. Then he collapsed and died in the lap of its owner.

A statue of Chetak still lives in the city of Udaipur in India.

King Stories

The Canyon

At first there were no guns in the world, but a wide meadow. The master of the prairie was walking over your lawn greeting, but I wanted to see not only flowers herbs .

” Where are the flowers? ” the teacher asked and answered meadow.

“Master , I need seeds ”

The teacher instructed the birds to collect the seeds of every kind of flower . Soon the prairie bloomed all summer with yellow buttercup , wild sunflower, crocuses .

The teacher was happy but realized that her favorite flowers are missing.

” Where are the clematis , violets and wind- flowers? ”

“I need to master seed ” was the reply.

The master granted the request and ordered the birds again to gather these seeds. But when the teacher came again could not find her favorite flowers .

“What happened ? ”

” I can not keep the flowers because the wind is so strong and the sun is so hot, these flowers does not support these circumstances”

Then the teacher spoke to the beam downward motion with one blow scars in the heart of the prairie. The prairie groaned in agony over his black , irregular , gaping wound . A small river runs through this wound takes black mold. Again the birds scatter the seeds in the canyon.

After a long Clematis , Columbian and great elms decked rocks and violets and rose Anemonas .

The canyon became resting place of the teacher. The haven of peace and joy.

King Stories

The Flowers for Akbar

One day Akbar and several of his courtiers were strolling in the royal gardens . Many flowers were blooming at that season.

A poet pointed to a beautiful flower and said, “Look , Jahaanpanaah , beautiful as a flower No man can produce something beautiful like this. ” .

Birbal was also there. He said, ” I do not agree with this. Sometimes a man can make the most beautiful things that this flower .

Akbar said, ” Oh no, Birbal , you’re talking nonsense This flower is really beautiful . ” .

After a few days , Akbar Birbal brought a very skilled craftsman Agra. He presented a beautiful bouquet of flowers carved marble . The emperor was very happy to see him and gave him 1000 gold coins.

At that time, a child came and presented the emperor with a beautiful bouquet of real flowers . The emperor was very happy to see him , so I gave the boy a silver coin .

Birbal said, “Then , the size was more beautiful than the real thing. ”

Akbar realized that he had fallen to his witty minister again .

King Stories

The Futile skill

Teachers and students from Germany, Italy and Bohemia all head towards the court of King Matthias where they could teach and learn, because it was so rich in science and culture as well.

Once a preacher came when German scientists heard can make money in the court of King Matthias. He thought he will earn a lot of money with their skill.

The preacher is presented as speeches can talk about everything and even the smallest of things for a long time. Skill useless to be honest and King Matthias felt the same type.

Hungarian King Matthias told his advisers:

“I hate if Zapatero makes the biggest shoes my feet.’s Also annoying if someone is talking about nothing for hours.”

The useless skill preacher had not been rewarded and should have gone to another country.

King Stories

Good Will Not Be Defeated

I once heard a loyal subject of the King Matthias some gentlemen want to poison the king. King Matthias was beloved throughout the UK. It was just, always governed by the laws your state. This topic warned the king that some gentlemen want to poison the meat.

The king decided to eat as if nothing had happened. Over lunch he went to his company.

“I was told that someone wants to poison. As you can see calmly ate here with you and I will do tomorrow. I do not think I have nothing to fear. Always dismissed my kingdom by law, never did the restrictive measures, and everyone lives in prosperity . do not think that is a king should just be afraid of his subjects, “said the king and continued eating.

Traitors understand the words of the king and decided not to poison him, because he was right.

King Stories

The King and Shoemaker

King Matthias was loved by the Kingdom, everybody respected him.

One day, a shoemaker wanted to greet King Matthias it was his day.
Increased Buda Castle, but a guard walked in his path.

“What do you king?” Asked the soldier.

“Today is the day of Matthias. My name is Matthias King. Want to greet King Matthias.”

The soldier laughed and said this statement.

“There is a difference between King and King Matthias Matthias as there is a difference between the king and cobbler.

The guard did not leave the shoemaker to the king so that he left, but later, when King Matthias
heard the story, rewarded his brother-name with a pair of boots.

In fact there is a difference between King and King Matthias Matthias but what’s in a name if the goals are noble

King Stories

The Question for a Question

One day Akbar asked Birbal, “Birbal, could you tell me how many bracelets are in his wife’s hand?”

Birbal said, “No, Huzoor, I can not.”

“No? Although every day you see your hand, do not know how much bracelets are in his hand. How so?” Akbar said.

Birbal said, “Come into the garden, Your Majesty, and we’ll tell you how it is.

Both fled in a small staircase leading to the garden. After reaching the garden, Birbal asked, “climb up and down the small staircase daily, could tell you how many steps you have?”

Akbar then smiled and changed the subject.

King Stories

The Mullaa Uses his Head

Mullaa displeased Sultan Nasruddin and the Sultan asked one of his men to kill Mullaa and take the lead.

Mullaa was very upset with this. Went to Birbal and asked him how to save himself.

Birbal said, “It’s a difficult situation, but let me try.” He told how to act.

Mullaa convinced the man to take him alive to the court, and this made the Sultan was furious. Asked the soldier, “I told you not bring Mullaa head to court, not Mullaa himself?”

Mullaa Nasruddin said politely, “It’s not your fault, Huzoor. Asked him to. Know when you want something done, do not trust anyone else to keep it you are wrong. So I thought, I’ll do it myself! So I decided to dare my head on my shoulder. my head is here, Huzoor. ”

Akbar was very happy with this defense and allowed him to keep his head Mullaa shoulders.