Kids Stories

Timeliness of Peter

Once upon a time there was a boy named Peter. He was a boy who woke up late in the morning, afternoon bathed and have breakfast soon. Finally, came too late and has scolded by school teachers.
One day a school picnic was organized and students were asked to assemble at the school picnic day at 8:00. Moreover, the Lord had warned Peter personally be punctual. However, as usual, Peter woke up late and only arrived at the school around 8:30. Peter became very disappointed and went home crying. His mother tried to console him and said it was because of his tardiness had to face one day. Since then, Peter became a very obedient child and got up at 5:30 every morning

Kids Stories

Nothing impossible

An old man who lived at the foot of a mountain. It was almost ninety everyone called it: the fool. It was very uncomfortable to take a detour every time he wanted to go to the city and decided to move to the mountains.

He and his family gathered around and decided to carry out the plan. The old man and his sons began to work. They like the mountains and rock poured the mold and the nearby sea.

He lived in another old neighbor, he was called the wise. He laughed at the futile effort of fools.

“You are old and weak. You will never move mountains.”

The mute gave him a thoughtful look.

“Yes, but here’s my son and his son and his son …’ll end working with time as the mountain does not grow.”

The sage could not answer this statement, admitted that the fool is right.

Kids Stories

The Story of a Fool Heron, A Black and Mongoose Serpant

Near the mountains in the north , on a fig tree on the banks of a river, lived a couple of herons were husband and wife.

In a hole at the foot of this tree , there lived a black serpant . I used to slide up the tree and eat the ones younf herons.

Once , when the woman Garza was bemoaning the loss of their babies , another Garza lives in a tree neary by advised , ” Do as I say .” As you were advised la Garza few pieces of fish to burrow mongooses serpant black hole .

Mongoose is greedy fish . Following the trail to eat fish, the mongoose is reached agujero. And when he saw his enemy, the black snake , killed it .

However, the mongoose also heard the cries of the newborn young la Garza . He quickly climbed the tree and ate all .

Garza neighboring felt sad and guilty for giving advice without thinking.

Moral: When one thinks of a paln , one should also think of the consequences.