Kids Stories

The Famous Sayings

Do you know the origin of the famous song ” Hot pea soup, peas, oats , peas porridge in the pot nine days “? Well it all started in Europe, supposedly in England during the Middle Ages. People not well then for food and money was scarce.

People had large families to feed and not enough food for everyone. They were not aware of good nutrition or hygiene either and many people died from various diseases and pests.

However, large stone fireplaces in most homes that heat the home and serve as the stove for the family. A large pot was kept warm over the fire. All vegetables and grains and pieces of flesh would be ejected in this pot . The first day I knew well and kept the leftovers in the pot.

Every day , bits of this and that, leftovers and even mice would remain hot in the big pot that hung over the stove. But on the ninth day , all thrown out or given to the homeless. The boat was washed their best. The boat was then hung over the fire again and grains and fresh vegies could be launched .

So the saying goes ” hot pea soup, peas, oats , peas porridge in the pot nine days ” became a famous saying.

Kids Stories

Remembrance and Forgiveness

Two friends were walking through the desert. After some time had an argument and a friend slapped the other in the face. The only thing that did was hurt, but without saying anything, wrote in the sand. “Today my best friend hit me in the face”

They moved until they found an oasis, where they decided to take a bath. The one who had been slapped, slipped, hit his head and fell unconscious in the water but the friend saved him. After the friend recovered the near drowning, he wrote on a stone: “Today my best friend saved my life.”

The friend who had slapped and saved his best friend asked him,

“After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and now you write on a stone, why?”

The other friend replied:

“When someone hurts us we should write it down in sand where winds of forgiveness can erase it away. But when someone does something good for us, we must engrave it in stone where no wind can erase it.

Kids Stories

The Free life

A prince lived in Handan where people used pigeons as a gift to the prince. The pigeon happiness caused the prince and rewards to all who brought her one.

Once a wise man asked the prince why he is doing this.

“To show my generous be left all the pigeons go to new years eve”.

“This is very noble, but its subjects know and like trying to catch pigeons eventually kill some of them. Would be wise for you to stop if you really love these birds.”

The prince agreed.

Kids Stories

Give help where you want

Shibu mother sometimes asked him to take the trash or water garden . But always refused . His head was full of the exploits that made the characters in her book of short stories. Hoped would also have the opportunity to do those things.

One day he saw a fire burning in a garden outside a house . To help the people of the house , ran to the garden and poured bucket after bucket of water and sprinkled before expanding. Then a woman came out of the house and said, ” What have you done , naughty child, doused the fire that started in the game! ” Shibu apologized and walked away.

Another day I chased a kid running out the back door of a house thinking it was a thief, only to discover he was a member of the house. The boy was taking the back door because it was a shortcut. The child’s parents complain to Shibu mother because the boy was hurt.

” Give a little help when asked ,” said Shibu mother . “And sooner or later you will get the opportunity to do bigger things . ”

Kids Stories

Across the hill the grass is greener

Sheela was indifferent to any study or work and always wanted to play. Then his parents put in a boarding school where discipline was better. Sheela hated the place.

So one day when he noticed some children playing in the streets outside the school , she offered to exchange clothes with one of the girls , called Runa , who it was the same size . She made Runa live instead in school and said she would live at home instead of Runa so she could play in the streets every day.

But within two days he was tired of the life she chose Sheela. There were no books or toys at home Rune and he had to do a lot of hard work. Two days later she returned to school and asked Runa return your clothes.

But Rune refused . He said he now has the opportunity to study , never going to return your seat at school. Sheela then realized that the life I had was better than Rune and had not had done its value then. Finally came back to school with the help of his parents, but he had to learn the lesson the hard way.

And it was father to Sheela kind of heart that allowed Rune also continue in school.

Kids Stories

I forgot

Bertie was a very nice guy . He was kind , obedient , sincere and altruistic. He had , however , a major flaw , forgot forever. No matter how important the coach, his answer was always , “I forgot .” When he was sent to the machine wearing a note from his mother would find a note in my pocket at night. If sent to the store in a big hurry to get something for tea , which would later, without the article , but with his usual response.

His father and mother talked about it and decided that something must be done to make the child remembers . Christmas was near, and Bertie was busy making a list of things to bring Santa Claus was .

“Santa Claus may forget some of those things ,” said his mother.

” Can not ,” said Bertie , ” because I write sled and skates , drum and violin and all things in this role then when Santa will find my media list can see and get things as fast as him. . read . ”

Christmas morning came , and Bertie was at dawn to see what was in his stocking. His mother kept away from him as much as she could, because she knew what he had done Santa Claus.

Finally heard it comes with slow steps in his room. He slowly opened the door and walked toward her. He held in his hand a lot longer than I had done out list. Put it in the hands of his mother , tears of disappointment fell from his eyes .

“See what Santa Claus for me , but I think you can give me a thing apart .

His mother opened the scroll . It was a list of all the errands that make Bertie had asked for six months. When everything was written , in staring capitals

” I FORGOT .” Bertie cried for an hour. Then his mother told him that everyone was going to Grandpa’s house. For the first time saw a Christmas tree . Maybe something could be growing there for him. It was very strange to Bertie , but the tree grandfather found that everything he had written in his list.

Have you cured your bad habit? Not all at once, but when he saw his mother was particularly ignoring she said :

“Remember , Santa Claus does not forget .”

Kids Stories

The Just Desserts

Once upon a time there was a lawyer who earned money by helping criminals escape . One day a thief who was caught for stealing money requested the lawyer to help .
” What will you give me if I’ll help you be released ? ” asked the lawyer.
“I will give 1 million rupees, ” said Criminal .
” Ok , then do what I say . In court, when counsel cross examines you , act like you ‘re a fool . Asked something, say” baa … “and nothing else . Then we can establish that you are dumb and unable to do something requires planning . ”
According to the thief . On the day of trial, the plaintiff’s attorney asked
” What is your name?”
” baa .. ”
” How old are you ? ”
” baa ”
The lawyer asked several questions and for all has only one answer. Finally, the Court ruled that the man is so boring that it was impossible that he could have stolen anything . He was acquitted .
The lawyer became very happy and came to your client for their expenses.
” Can I have my money now? ”
” baa .. ”
“Do not take that trick to me.”
” baa .. ”
” If not for me , it would have been in jail .”
” baa ”
The lawyer asked several questions and tried various tactics. But he has nothing but ” baa ” to change.
The lawyer understood that was trapped. Finally there was a customer who was bigger than him thief.

Kids Stories

The Little White Riding-Hood

In the case of the New Year Aunt Jo had an unusually beautiful gift for Leslie . It was really two gifts : a beautiful white coat and a hood of black velvet , both painted with a soft white fur around the edges . Leslie was very happy and quick to make .

“Oh , mother, ” she cried , looking at herself in the mirror,

“I am a white – Riding Hood instead of a red ! ”

” So you are ! ” Mom said laughing.

“I hope you do not eat wolf granny ” .

Leslie also and clapped his hands .

” Oh , you go see Grandma Graham and the game is the wolf , it’s just always very friendly both to eat anyone. Should have something nice take , mother, did you know that Red Riding Hood. ”

Cheerful mother filled a basket with red apples and donuts , but Leslie was not satisfied.

” I take donuts any time , I would take some of the orange box Aunt Jo .” Mother looked a little surprised.

“Are you sure that you have left , dear? Oranges do not have very often. ”

” I would , ” Leslie insisted earnestly. ” I do not think Red Riding Hood was selfish, and certainly not white Red Riding Hood wants to be .”

So mother put in three large yellow orange and Leslie running downhill your basket. Granny Graham was a sweet little old lady who lived in a small hut at the foot of the hill. Leslie knocked on the door and a pleasant voice called ,

“Enter ” . Leslie opened the door and stood in on their furry things very , very nice feeling and chills on touching the grandmother was a wolf.

” Good morning, Granny ,” she said, “I ‘m white Riding Hood .”

” Good morning, my dear , ” Grandma said , smiling, ” How well you look .”

” Oh , grandmother, ” said Leslie, ” What bright eyes you have ! ‘ ”

Bright eyes shone with fun grandmother as answered ,

“Good to see you,” laughed Leslie , was so made ??history .

” Oh . Grandmother, ‘ ” she came out playing , “what long ears you have! ‘ ”

” To hear you better, ‘” said the grandmother was all very strange because the ears sticking out from under the lid of the grandmother were tiny like the rest of it and I have not heard too well at best.

After that, Leslie held her basket a little tighter and said :

” Oh , grandmother, what sharp teeth you have! ‘ ”

” To eat , the better ‘ ” Grandma laughed , “Sure you look sweet enough. ”

Leslie ran over and put the basket in her lap.

” The oranges are sweeter, ” he said, “please eat those instead .”

” Very well,” agreed Granny , ” if I give them a kiss , will be the next best to eat. ”

At its heart, Leslie thought it was much better, and while Graham grandmother ate one of the oranges they decided that the story of White Riding Hood had a much more enjoyable than the previous book Leslie end.

Kids Stories

The Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse, any one would love to have running your home is definitely the cartoon character popular to date. Did you know that the creation of Mickey Mouse ‘s what made Walt Disney so successful?

When Walt was 26 years old, he came home by train with his wife. Walt was a sad man because they were not selling his cartoons , and was not making any money . He returned to his small studio and wanted to return with something for their staff. As he was wondering what to draw , came to the idea of a mouse. Although most people was scared of mice , yet look so vulnerable and sympathetic, that is easy to grow fond of them. So Mr. and Mrs. Disney began imagining what would appear your mouse : big ears , red velvet pants – and a bit smarter . And what they call ? ” Mortimer ! ” Walt said . But just as the train came into the station, Mrs. Disney pulled the sleeve of her husband and said, ” No. I think Mickey Mortimer Mickey Mouse? . ” .

At first Walt had a hard sell to convince his caricature . It was from study to study , Executive Director , but all his scripts were rejected. Finally, a manager in a small theater , and Walt liked his determination and agreed to the movie screen . The cartoon was extraordinarily well. It broke all records and created a sensation in the world of film . Disney was suddenly much in demand, and everyone wanted more of Mickey. Thus was born the friends of Mickey Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck , Goofy , Pluto . And the rest, as they say, is history.

And kids , remember the words of Walt Disney if you ever visit one of the great parks of Disney world . ” This was all started by a mouse .”

Kids Stories

The Pretending habits

A miser sold all that he had and bought a lump of gold, which he buried in a hole in the floor next to an old wall. I used to see him every day. One of his workmen observed his frequent visits to the tree and decided to watch his movements. He soon discovered the secret of the hidden treasure. He dug down, came to the lump of gold, and stole it. The Miser, on his next visit, found the hole empty and began to tear his hair and to make loud lamentations. A neighbor, seeing him overcome with grief, said,

“Do not grieve; But go and take a stone and place it in the hole, and fancy that the gold is still there That will make quite the same service;. For when the gold was there, no, I was like you made ??no use of it. ”