Animal Stories

As the Polar Bear became white

Many years ago, during the great ice age , as the world and earth flowed in all directions was formed , there were many animals roaming the earth. They had thick fur coats to keep warm and were carnivores , known as carnivores.
The ground was frozen and the vegetation had disappeared . All animals living depended on their hunting skills and pursuing their prey to survive. No animal, no matter how small or large, it was free from a predator. All animals of the great ice age were in danger.
One of those animals that lived in the area now called the United States, was particularly at risk because it was a medium build and was dark brown. It was called Bear . Some animals whispered to another who was angry and gray. All creatures could see him and chased him and annoy him until he was uneven. He tried to hide but were frozen all caves and hollows .
Then he went closer to colder areas where all the animals were afraid to go. Why would any animal where it was even colder and where the sun does not rise at all during some months of the year. But this bear , known as tanning, drifted further north in the area where no other large animals lived and was the largest. I was finally free to live a happy life .
The only problem was that there was no food . He had gone all the food on the other side . So was hungry for a few days and when he went to sleep in the ice and snow, body heat made ​​a small hole . He woke up and found a hole in the ice and peered into the hole and saw the animals. I was not sure what to do, but it uses its huge claw and pulled the hole and tried to catch fish and seals swam below the surface.
Another problem arose because fish and seals could see his big brown body on the ice and fall outside the hole when it came to fishing. So tanning gradually turned yellow , then over the years it became a yellowish white color. Finally he could creep up and fish for these animals and unseen. And finally, the native population traveling over frozen water was called Polar Bear , the great white creature who was the best hunter in the Arctic. And that is why the Polar Bear became white.

Animal Stories

How the swan has a long neck

There was once a very large shared that ducks and swans pond. It was shaped like a swan, swans and vain insisted should be called Swan Lake .

Many think that there is not much difference between swans and ducks, but there .

Swans not always have long necks , but they had beautiful feathers and slender bodies . They do not always paddling like ducks , but swam gracefully. The ducks were ugly and bulky and frantically kicked his short legs to swim . Swans not let the ducks swim with them , angering the ducks as they , too, lived in that pond .

One day , while the swans and ducks were arguing about which group swim first, a flock of geese flying overhead .

They listened , and learned that the swans were in vain and thought already prettier and more elegant , you must first use the pond. They also learned that they wanted the ducks go in the first place, because the last time the Swans refused to let them have their turn.

A goose piped and said it must share the pool , because it was quite large . Swans are angry with this Council and a fight broke out . Ducks retreated to the foot of the swans and geese were honking and biting the necks of swans and pulled as hard as they could.

An hour later, the fight was over. Ducks and geese stared humorously swans. They had stretched necks of swans until now they could not resist their heads up.

A few hours later , the swans had finally shortened their necks at least to the point where I could keep them constantly . But after that day , swans , ducks and geese share all ponds in peace, and there was no taking turns.

But even today the swans have very long necks . However, ducks are not ugly. They are pretty and a little more elegant.