Animal Stories

A Mime in a Zoo

One day , an output of work mime was visiting the zoo and attempted to earn some money as a street performer. As he began to draw a crowd , a guard grabbed him and drug his office.

The zookeeper explained mime that the zoo ‘s most popular attraction , a gorilla, had died suddenly and feared attendance at the zoo will fall . He offered the mime dressed as the gorilla until they could get another job . Mime accepted .

So the next morning the mime put on a gorilla suit and entered the cage before the crowd. He discovered it was a great job. Could sleep all he wanted , play and make fun of people , and drew the largest crowds ever did as a mime.

However, the crowd began to tire of him and he got tired of just swinging on tires . He began to notice that people were paying more attention to León in the cage next to his .

Not wanting to lose the attention of your audience , climbed to the top of his cage , crawled across a partition and hanging from the top of the cage Lion . Of course, this angered the lion, but the audience loved it . At the end of the day , the keeper gave the mime a raise for being a good attraction .

Well, this did not last long , mime was mocking the Lion , the crowd grew and his salary kept rising . Then one terrible day, when he was dangling over the furious lion he slipped and fell . The mime was terrified.

The Lion gathered and ready to attack . The mime was so scared he started running around and around the cage with the lion close behind .

Finally , the mime began to yell and scream , “Help , help ! ” But the lion was quick and sanding. The mime soon found himself on his back looking at the angry lion and the lion said : ” Shut up , fool You want us to get fired ”

Animal Stories

A smart person and a foolish person

Once a lion forgot his way and came to a city . Since I was a wild animal, it became necessary to capture him. The villagers went through great efforts to catch him and lock him in a cage. The cage was left at a roundabout waiting to collect municipal authorities.

Two days passed , but not one came to take him away . The lion was very hungry at the time. People passed, but do not help . Who would have the courage to touch that cage ? The Lion asked several people and going to open his cage and let him go to the forest , but nobody would listen .

A man seen in a while and the Lion asked for help. Lion Man pity .

“If you open the cage, eat me up? ” the man asked the Lion.

The Lion said, ” Oh , no, never How can I eat the person who released me I would be grateful if you open my cage I please open . ? . ”

Man reconfirmed that Leon would not eat and after confirming , opened the cage and left the Lion.

Immediately after he left , the man Leon said , ” Listen , I am grateful that he heard me and delivered me . But I have not eaten for several days and want to eat . Where will I find my food?”

The man was very scared. Still , he recalled with courage the Lion on their promise not to eat . But the lion was hungry and wanted to eat the man.

The man looked around , but unfortunately no one saw fto help . Again the Lion asked not to eat , but the Lion was inflexible. At the moment, I saw a man coming toward him . The other man saw a man and a lion standing together, and immediately realized that the matter was serious . The first man told him the whole story and asked his help.

The other man said Leon, ” this man has been released. Why do you want to eat? ”

The Lion said, ” I’m really hungry for that.”

The other man said, ” I am unable to understand the whole thing Can you explain again. ? ”

The lion told the whole story , beginning with the time he was locked in the cage until he left the cage.

The man said, “Sorry I’m still unable to understand why you do not teach me how to shut in the cage. . ? ”

“Okay ,” Leon , climbing the cage, said ” I was standing well before this man leaves me . ”

The other man said the first man and immediately left the cage door .

So the lion was again locked in the cage and the man was saved .

Animal Stories

Be happy with what you have

When mother heard Cuervo cute kids singing , I felt sad that her children could not sing.

‘ Maybe if you grew up with cute kids, they can also learn to sing, ‘ thought the raven .

So when it comes time to lay eggs , the crow laid an egg in the nest of the cuckoo arrived in a nearby tree . The egg hatched with cuckoo eggs. From kids were cute too dark , the cute mother did not know the baby was different and well fed with her children .

After a few days , cuckoo mother began to train their children to sing. When she said coo -coo , all his children also sang coo -coo . But son crow caw- caw said . All crazy guys started laughing at the baby crow. The next day, when the mother came out cute forage for food, and everyone made fun baby crow pecked and pushed out of the nest .

The mother crow roost in the nearby tree , he saw his son fall . She picked it up and brought it to its nest . Now understood that it was useless to defy the rules of nature.

Animal Stories

The Brain fox

A hot sunny day, a thirsty fox looked down into a deep well and fell .

“I wanted some water , but not so much , ” said the fox to himself, splashing . ” Now how am I going to get out of here ? ” He looked up at the top of the well.

Just a thirsty goat came to the well . He looked down and was surprised to see the fox in the water.

” What are you doing ? ” asked the goat.

“I came to get some of this wonderful cold water, ” said the fox , pretending that everything was fine. ” Come and try . ‘s The best water ever tested ! ” Cried the goat. “And there is more water for miles.”

“I thirst , and the water looks great , ” I thought the goat. “OK .Care , I’m going down ! ” Cried the goat and jumped down into the well.

Like the goat started drinking , the fox said, ” there is a small problem. The top of the well is so high that it will be hard to leave here. But do not worry . I have a plan .”

” If you put his front paws on the borehole wall , run back and jump to the top ,” said the fox. “Once I get out I’ll help you out too . ”

The goat did as he was told and the fox jumped on his back , jumped on his horns and then stirred up the well.

“That was a very good plan ,” said the fox , looking at the goat. “Goodbye” .

” But , and I ? ” cried the goat from downhole .

” If ” you had brains you’d never gone down there until it had resolved how to climb again, you said the fox . “Have you heard the phrase , look before you leap ? ” The fox laughed and ran away.

Animal Stories

The company’s strength

Once upon a time lived a colony of frogs in a pond. One day one of the frogs said :

“I’ve heard that a few miles from here there is a much bigger pond where there are many more insects that feed . Water is also clear in that pond . ‘m Going to go there.”

“Are you sure that the other pond is good? ” asked a young toad called Sheiko .

“Not sure . But I will explore whether it is good and will live there permanently.

” How will we know that you have arrived there safely ? ”

” If I’m not back , certainly have reached another pond and I’m living there happily . If the new place is not good, I will definitely return . ”

So let the frog and the others waited for a few days to see if he will return . When they did not, they decided that happily placed in the other world .

The truth is that shortly after the frog had waded out of the pond , a snake that was sunning on the shore, had eaten . It even got a chance to try the other pond.
After a few days another toad also decided to go for the new pond. Shieko the same questions, and also said that frog again if the other tank is not good.

So they left several frogs . Since none of them has returned, all remaining frogs thought to have a good time in the new pond . Meanwhile , the snake fattening frogs for each frog was eaten by the snake.

When he began the tenth frog protested Sheiko .

” How do we know if those who remain are happy? ” Sheiko asked .

“Otherwise why did not they come back ? ” asked the tenth toad.

“Somehow , I’m not sure all of them are happily living in the pond of another. Suggest that this time we should go together for those who do not like the new pond can return , while others may remain place. ”

It seemed a good idea to everyone . So the entire colony of frogs, young and old, out of the pond and slowly began to move in the direction where they thought there was a new pond.
The snake saw the army of frogs to come and could not believe his luck. There was enough frogs you so you can last a lifetime . But the fact is that nobody can eat food of a lifetim once . Then the snake decided to eat as much as you can.

The snake ‘s army ran frogs . She opened her mouth as she could and began to swallow a frog after another. But because so many swallowed , the snake could not close his mouth. It suffocated with all the frogs had swallowed and soon drowned.

When the snake died , the remaining frogs taken its mouth open and freed the frogs which he had swallowed . And they understood that all his friends had left earlier had finished in the stomach of the snake and had not reached the other pond.

Everyone felt there was no point in going in search of an unknown place where there could be unforeseen enemies like Snake . Together, all the frogs back to their good old pond .

Animal Stories

The Death of a Bird

Once upon a time , there lived a Sivana , a bird with two heads. One day he found a strange fruit in the sea. Got up and began to eat. The head that fed exclaimed, ” many a sweet fruit thrown by the sea I have ever eaten , but this tops them all is the fruit of a sandalwood tree or parijata divine ? ”

Hearing this, the other head called taste the fruit , but the first boss refused , saying . ” Have a common stomach, so there is no need for you to eat too much I’ll give our heart, Bharundi ” and with that, he launched eat fruit half the female.

Since that day, the second head carried a grudge against the first and waiting for an opportunity to take revenge . One day I found a poisoned fruit . Picking fruit , told the first head “selfish wretch! See , here is a poison fruit and will eat me ! ”

” Do not do that , silly ! ” cried the first head, ” I’ll kill both of you! ”

But the second head would not listen . Consume poison and soon the two-headed bird was dead.

Animal Stories

Tails and Dragons

Dragon had left his lair in the majestic mountains of Spain when he found a lost child. Mourning in the village had reached their ears and the ringing of church bells broke her heart . I was once lost a dragon so I should be for this child. He heard cries of mother and learned that plaintiff had a son , his name was Ricardo and he was nine. Needed medication every day because he had asthma.

” Oh God , ” the dragon roared as he drew on his strength, developed his powerful wings and ready to start a new search . “I must go to all the caves , rivers and trails .” A child can hide in any number of places where an adult can not find it.

So it was raised to any of the dens , dens , river beds and bushes and you might think walking distance of the village children . No sign of the child. Dragon breath and blew fire in heavy dense forests to make a path to caves or crevices mountail he could have taken . Nothing . ‘ Hmmph ‘ said the dragon.

He decided to fly through the sky and take your time getting home . He flew low over the valleys, high peaks and swirled over the falls. No sign of the guy no matter which way he went .

When he returned home , he rested for a moment before entering his lair. Inside were berries and apples to eat and fresh water he had brought in a bucket to drink. But something was wrong. Ripe apples had disappeared and the water bucket was half full . What was happening ?

Under the covers in the den , and broke one squeek a yawn. He was very frightened the dragon. ‘Who ‘s there? ‘ He shouted . Lots of black hair emerged followed by two large dark eyes. ‘ I, Ricardo ‘ pronounced the child.

‘ What are you doing in my house? ‘ . Demanded the dragon. The boy swallowed hard but began to mourn , ‘I’m lost and can not find my way home ‘ bubbles.

” Well I know your people and the whole world is mourning his loss,” the dragon tried to whisper , ‘ so we’re going home. The boy rode the dragons neck and clung tightly to two scales. They soared over the field and finally reached the village .

The dragon had let Ricardo outside the village and told her to go immediately to his mother. He was not allowed to enter the village because most people was scared of him.

Ricardo was safe in the arms of his mother when the dragon went off to his lair. What happened to him ?

Animal Stories

How the cockatiel has its Crest

Once upon a time, the cockatoos were all white. But now look at the trees and see a cockatoo, you will notice that its crest is yellow.

Long ago, the other birds Cockatoo mocked because I did not no colors. One day, found three colored pens. The collected and put in the queue.

When he walked, he noticed that the other birds were feathers. They began to pluck feathers cockatoo.

The Cockatoo flew and flew and hit the sun.

The sun was so hot it made ​​its yellow crest and went shooting at the ground.

So you cockatiels have yellow crests.

Animal Stories

How has the beaver tail

The largest rodent in North America is called the beaver. It has short ears, large bulging eyes and has a mustache . But the most striking features are its large beaver teeth and his big flat tail .
Beaver lived alone on earth and had a short stubby tail many thousands of years ago. But all animals underwent changes over the years and so did the beaver. She just liked to eat twigs and branches chewed his huge teeth. You could saw a tree tree in half in no time at all. The only problem was I could not see with their eyes very well and he kept losing . Forgot where he left his wife and kits.
Castor also had to survive on what everyone was eating like deer , elk and goats, so I could not stay in the same territory. One day , Castor lost at home and fell into a pond.
He had never swum before and nearly drowned , but his thick heavy water -resistant coat kept him afloat and soon learned to swim. The deer could not swim and goats prefer dry land. So he thought, “I must go to tell my family in this pond .”
When I took them to the water’s edge , said his wife to go swimming and kits show you how. She gracefully slid into the water and swam everywhere. Also made kits . So the father beaver thought this would be a great place to live .
They would not be safe over the pond where fox or puma could find then thought to himself, ‘ I will build a house in the middle of the lake and be safe and warm ‘ . He went to the water’s edge and began to chew the trees and branches. He built a lodge that was mostly underwater passages with different accesses . He packed up all the holes with more leaves and bark, trees and branches. Took kits underwater and his wife at the door and step into the main form . They entered the main house and space for storing your food. They had plenty of air to breathe and safe and warm .
But one day a lion came to the edge of the pond for a drink . The kits were playing in the water and his mother was busy helping dad build the lodge . Father Castor had spotted the cougar and I could not scream or warn kits began to beat his tail on the water surface.
That made kits mother Paloma fear and underwater with their babies to safety.
Puma sniffed and said the beaver, ‘ a short tail will not be a good warning next time I have a drink. ” The beaver became worried and think hard . Needed a flat tail that would act as a palette when I was swimming and do a good slap sound in water when there is danger . So was the aboriginal veterinarian, wise owl, who suggested shooting a log up and down its short tail and see if he could crush flat . rolled registration days and was soon rounded , flat tail , and was very good in the water as a palette .
We continued to grow larger and flatter. His teams were the first generation to have the same flat tail and began the same habit of slapping his tail for danger , living in a shelter and chewing trees.

Animal Stories

How the hare has his huge feet

In Canada , the rabbit comes in all colors and all races . Some rabbits have long ears that hang down. Rabbits are called fallen ears and were bred in Holland. Young rabbits are called dwarf rabbits are great pets. Wild rabbits we see in the fields and forests are often eaten by larger carnivores such as the wolf , fox or larger birds floating in the air.
It is not easy being a rabbit in the wild. While being chased , the rabbit has to jump quickly until it is no longer in danger . The brown rabbits can hide among the trees and under the branches of the fir trees wide gaping . But brown hares have had problems in the far north near the tree line , above which trees can not grow .
In the far north, in the Arctic , there is lots of snow and ice and very little to eat rabbit . For rabbits should remain in the area where there were still some trees , brush and water to eat . But they had to run faster because the bear wanted to eat well. His cousins ​​had already discovered this . They are called the hare. Perhaps you’ve heard the Aesop fable of the hare and the tortoise. The hare could run so fast that I thought should have a nap while the tortoise kept walking and eventually won the race.
So the rabbit north became more scarce and the hare with the biggest feet was placed in the tundra and he could run faster than most other animals. He fell into deep snow and struggle to find food since lived under the branches of the trees where the berries and acorns were .
At the north end , hares are pure white and are called snowshoe hares for camouflage from predators. His feet racquet reminded us that Inuit used to be above the snow during the trip.
And that’s how the hare their huge feet!