Family Stories

The Cows And Cucumbers

Jimkhan lived next to a poor couple who liked to daydream.

One day the husband told his wife , ” if I had money , I would buy some cows . ”

” Then we would have a lot of milk , ” his wife said. “It could make a lot of butter and ghee and we could send some milk to my sister .”

” Email milk to your sister! ” exclaimed her husband. ” How dare you insinuate such a thing! ”

“But we have plenty of milk , ” his wife said.

“We will sell it !” Said her husband . “I want nothing more to talk about it and to make sure you do not bring milk to it when I go , I’ll break every pot in the house.” And pick four or five pots were , crushed on the floor.

Jimkhan happening at that time and I asked him why he was breaking the pots. When he heard the reason, picked up a stick and began to beat the air with him.

” What are you doing ? ” Neighbor asked , puzzled.

“Driving your cows ! ” Jimkhan said. ” They ate cucumbers in my garden .”

“Eating cucumbers ! ” the other man exclaimed indignantly . ” But you have not got a garden! ”

” I’ll have one soon , ” Jimkhan said, ” and I’ll grow cucumbers in it.” He continued beating the air with his stick .

Neighbors I finally realized that I was trying to teach Jimkhan How foolish was to live in a world of make believe and felt ashamed of themselves.

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