Family Stories

The Cows And Cucumbers

Jimkhan lived next to a poor couple who liked to daydream.

One day the husband told his wife , ” if I had money , I would buy some cows . ”

” Then we would have a lot of milk , ” his wife said. “It could make a lot of butter and ghee and we could send some milk to my sister .”

” Email milk to your sister! ” exclaimed her husband. ” How dare you insinuate such a thing! ”

“But we have plenty of milk , ” his wife said.

“We will sell it !” Said her husband . “I want nothing more to talk about it and to make sure you do not bring milk to it when I go , I’ll break every pot in the house.” And pick four or five pots were , crushed on the floor.

Jimkhan happening at that time and I asked him why he was breaking the pots. When he heard the reason, picked up a stick and began to beat the air with him.

” What are you doing ? ” Neighbor asked , puzzled.

“Driving your cows ! ” Jimkhan said. ” They ate cucumbers in my garden .”

“Eating cucumbers ! ” the other man exclaimed indignantly . ” But you have not got a garden! ”

” I’ll have one soon , ” Jimkhan said, ” and I’ll grow cucumbers in it.” He continued beating the air with his stick .

Neighbors I finally realized that I was trying to teach Jimkhan How foolish was to live in a world of make believe and felt ashamed of themselves.

Kids Stories

The Children Know Better

Raju and sanju were two neighborhood children. One day, when played together , Raju was angry for some reason and hit sanju .

Sanju ‘s mother , who was watching from home, felt and ran out of the house .

” How dare you hit it like that , you’re a bad guy? ” he shouted at Raju .

Raju ‘s mother heard the commotion and came out of his house.

” Who are you to yell at my son ? ” asked the mother sanju .

The two women started fighting . At the sound , many people left their homes. Some of them took sides and began to abuse others while others remained as spectators watching the fight .

Raju and sanju saw the fight for a while. So bored and slipped out of the group . They moved away from the crowd and started fresh games.

The fight soon became physical and one man is injured . Spectators brought the village chief to resolve the dispute . They explained that the boss how the fight started .

” Where are the boys? ” asked the chief.

The chief and others went in search of boys and found them playing together making small clay pots and pans .

“You can learn from Raju and sanju and fix the fight, ” said the head and left.

Animal Stories

The Death of a Bird

Once upon a time , there lived a Sivana , a bird with two heads. One day he found a strange fruit in the sea. Got up and began to eat. The head that fed exclaimed, ” many a sweet fruit thrown by the sea I have ever eaten , but this tops them all is the fruit of a sandalwood tree or parijata divine ? ”

Hearing this, the other head called taste the fruit , but the first boss refused , saying . ” Have a common stomach, so there is no need for you to eat too much I’ll give our heart, Bharundi ” and with that, he launched eat fruit half the female.

Since that day, the second head carried a grudge against the first and waiting for an opportunity to take revenge . One day I found a poisoned fruit . Picking fruit , told the first head “selfish wretch! See , here is a poison fruit and will eat me ! ”

” Do not do that , silly ! ” cried the first head, ” I’ll kill both of you! ”

But the second head would not listen . Consume poison and soon the two-headed bird was dead.

Animal Stories

Tails and Dragons

Dragon had left his lair in the majestic mountains of Spain when he found a lost child. Mourning in the village had reached their ears and the ringing of church bells broke her heart . I was once lost a dragon so I should be for this child. He heard cries of mother and learned that plaintiff had a son , his name was Ricardo and he was nine. Needed medication every day because he had asthma.

” Oh God , ” the dragon roared as he drew on his strength, developed his powerful wings and ready to start a new search . “I must go to all the caves , rivers and trails .” A child can hide in any number of places where an adult can not find it.

So it was raised to any of the dens , dens , river beds and bushes and you might think walking distance of the village children . No sign of the child. Dragon breath and blew fire in heavy dense forests to make a path to caves or crevices mountail he could have taken . Nothing . ‘ Hmmph ‘ said the dragon.

He decided to fly through the sky and take your time getting home . He flew low over the valleys, high peaks and swirled over the falls. No sign of the guy no matter which way he went .

When he returned home , he rested for a moment before entering his lair. Inside were berries and apples to eat and fresh water he had brought in a bucket to drink. But something was wrong. Ripe apples had disappeared and the water bucket was half full . What was happening ?

Under the covers in the den , and broke one squeek a yawn. He was very frightened the dragon. ‘Who ‘s there? ‘ He shouted . Lots of black hair emerged followed by two large dark eyes. ‘ I, Ricardo ‘ pronounced the child.

‘ What are you doing in my house? ‘ . Demanded the dragon. The boy swallowed hard but began to mourn , ‘I’m lost and can not find my way home ‘ bubbles.

” Well I know your people and the whole world is mourning his loss,” the dragon tried to whisper , ‘ so we’re going home. The boy rode the dragons neck and clung tightly to two scales. They soared over the field and finally reached the village .

The dragon had let Ricardo outside the village and told her to go immediately to his mother. He was not allowed to enter the village because most people was scared of him.

Ricardo was safe in the arms of his mother when the dragon went off to his lair. What happened to him ?

Kids Stories

The Evergreen

Winter was near and all the birds were gone for the warm south , away from the cold winter but a bird could not fly because its wing was broken . He was alone in the world but the forest seemed warm and thought it would make an attempt .

He came to a birch.

“Dear birch, my wing is broken and can not go to my friends to the south. Would you be so kind as to let me live in its branches until spring? ” Begged the bird .

” No way I have my own birds to help . I can not help you. ” Said the proud birch.

” Perhaps the oak will be more friendly ” thought the bird and made his way to the mighty oak .

” Strong oak, let me eat some of your acorns until spring. I’m alone and cold and hungry .”

“Sorry but it’s certainly a very long time. ” Oak refused to help.

The poor bird was near the willow.

” Willow , you are so kind. Would you kindly give me shelter until spring? ” Asked the bird very well.

” I do not know and do not talk to strangers , I’m sorry . ”

The poor bird tried to fly, but was unsuccessful .

” Where are you going bird guy? ” came a soft voice .

” I do not know ”

“Come now . I offer my warmest branch to sleep. ” White fir was speaking .

” Really? ” the bird asked .

” Yes , ” replied the friendly white spruce .

The pine tree type spoke next .

” That you can protect yourself from the cold north wind with my branches . They are not very thick , but I’m strong and big.”

“I can help too,” he joined the juniper.

” I offer my best fruits. Birds are my love berries ”

“You are all very friendly … ” said the bird .

In fact, white fir leaves the bird to sleep in their arms while they protected the pine and juniper gave their best fruits for birds to eat .

The treasurer of oak, birch and willow rude blades drew near them. In the morning these leaves lying on the ground . The north wind came in the night and touched every leaf fell from the tree.

” May I touch every leaf in the forest ? ” asked the north wind Frost King .

” Yes, except spruce, pine and juniper that helped the poor bird .”

Since then fir, pine and juniper are always green .

Family Stories

The Fairy Tulips

Once upon a time an old woman lived in a house. She had a beautiful bed of tulips in your garden.

One night he heard singing and laughing outside . He stood and listened. It seemed that the sounds are coming from the bed of tulips. He looked out the window, but could see nothing .

The next morning examined its tulips but there was nothing strange about them . No signs of intruders.

The next night we heard singing and laughing again . Silently he rose and slipped out of the house and hid in the bus to see the tulips.
As I looked closely noticed little fairy among the tulips . The fairies were singing and was using tulips as a crib because tulip bulbs contain fairy babies .

The old woman smiled and slipped into the house. Since then never touched the flowers and she forbade the neighbors do that too.

The tulips grew even larger and eventually became the most beautiful flowers on earth.

But one day the good old died . The tulip bed was torn by strangers who did not know the secret. There they planted wheat but withered and since then nothing would grow there.

But the old woman ‘s grave grew colorful flowers and fairies sang over it so it is covered with tulips , violets and other flowers.

Family Stories

FAMILY- (F)ather (A)nd (M)other (I) (L)ove (Y)ou

I ran into a stranger as he passed by ,

” Forgive me please ” was my reply .

He said :

” Please excuse me I was not even expecting. ”

We were very polite , this stranger and me. We made our way and we said goodbye . But at home a different story is told , how we treat our loved ones , young and old .

Later that day , cooking dinner, my daughter stood beside me very firm. When I turned , almost hit .

“Move out of the way , ” I said with a frown .

He walked away , his heart was roto.No knew how hard he had spoken. As I lie awake in bed, the soft voice of God came to me and said :

“When it was a stranger, common courtesy you use . But the children you love, like the abuse. Look on the kitchen floor , you’ll find some flowers by the door .

Those are the flowers he brought for you. Chose herself : pink, yellow and blue. He was silent as not to spoil the surprise, and never saw the tears in her eyes. ”

At this time , I felt very small , And now my tears began to fall . I quietly went and knelt beside his bed;

” Wake up, little girl , wake up, ” I said. ” Are the flowers you chose for me?”

She smiled, ” I learned , by the tree. Chose them because they’re pretty like you. Know I like them, especially the blue .”

I said, ” Daughter , I’m sorry for the way I acted today , I should not have yelled like that. ”

She said, ” Oh , Mom , that ‘s okay. I love you anyway. ”

He said, “Daughter , I love you , and I like the flowers , especially the blue .”

Do you realize that : If we die tomorrow , the company that we are working for could easily replace us in a matter of days. But the family that we will feel the loss for the

rest of their lives . And now that I think about it , we put ourselves to work more to our family – a prudent investment indeed.

What is behind the story ?
You know what is the full word of family?
FAMILY=(F)ather (A)nd (M)other, (I) (L)ove (Y)ou.
Fill life with love and bravery and we should live a common life

Kids Stories

The Famous Sayings

Do you know the origin of the famous song ” Hot pea soup, peas, oats , peas porridge in the pot nine days “? Well it all started in Europe, supposedly in England during the Middle Ages. People not well then for food and money was scarce.

People had large families to feed and not enough food for everyone. They were not aware of good nutrition or hygiene either and many people died from various diseases and pests.

However, large stone fireplaces in most homes that heat the home and serve as the stove for the family. A large pot was kept warm over the fire. All vegetables and grains and pieces of flesh would be ejected in this pot . The first day I knew well and kept the leftovers in the pot.

Every day , bits of this and that, leftovers and even mice would remain hot in the big pot that hung over the stove. But on the ninth day , all thrown out or given to the homeless. The boat was washed their best. The boat was then hung over the fire again and grains and fresh vegies could be launched .

So the saying goes ” hot pea soup, peas, oats , peas porridge in the pot nine days ” became a famous saying.

King Stories

The Flowers for Akbar

One day Akbar and several of his courtiers were strolling in the royal gardens . Many flowers were blooming at that season.

A poet pointed to a beautiful flower and said, “Look , Jahaanpanaah , beautiful as a flower No man can produce something beautiful like this. ” .

Birbal was also there. He said, ” I do not agree with this. Sometimes a man can make the most beautiful things that this flower .

Akbar said, ” Oh no, Birbal , you’re talking nonsense This flower is really beautiful . ” .

After a few days , Akbar Birbal brought a very skilled craftsman Agra. He presented a beautiful bouquet of flowers carved marble . The emperor was very happy to see him and gave him 1000 gold coins.

At that time, a child came and presented the emperor with a beautiful bouquet of real flowers . The emperor was very happy to see him , so I gave the boy a silver coin .

Birbal said, “Then , the size was more beautiful than the real thing. ”

Akbar realized that he had fallen to his witty minister again .