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How the hare has his huge feet

In Canada , the rabbit comes in all colors and all races . Some rabbits have long ears that hang down. Rabbits are called fallen ears and were bred in Holland. Young rabbits are called dwarf rabbits are great pets. Wild rabbits we see in the fields and forests are often eaten by larger carnivores such as the wolf , fox or larger birds floating in the air.
It is not easy being a rabbit in the wild. While being chased , the rabbit has to jump quickly until it is no longer in danger . The brown rabbits can hide among the trees and under the branches of the fir trees wide gaping . But brown hares have had problems in the far north near the tree line , above which trees can not grow .
In the far north, in the Arctic , there is lots of snow and ice and very little to eat rabbit . For rabbits should remain in the area where there were still some trees , brush and water to eat . But they had to run faster because the bear wanted to eat well. His cousins ​​had already discovered this . They are called the hare. Perhaps you’ve heard the Aesop fable of the hare and the tortoise. The hare could run so fast that I thought should have a nap while the tortoise kept walking and eventually won the race.
So the rabbit north became more scarce and the hare with the biggest feet was placed in the tundra and he could run faster than most other animals. He fell into deep snow and struggle to find food since lived under the branches of the trees where the berries and acorns were .
At the north end , hares are pure white and are called snowshoe hares for camouflage from predators. His feet racquet reminded us that Inuit used to be above the snow during the trip.
And that’s how the hare their huge feet!

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