Kids Stories

The Story of a Fool Heron, A Black and Mongoose Serpant

Near the mountains in the north , on a fig tree on the banks of a river, lived a couple of herons were husband and wife.

In a hole at the foot of this tree , there lived a black serpant . I used to slide up the tree and eat the ones younf herons.

Once , when the woman Garza was bemoaning the loss of their babies , another Garza lives in a tree neary by advised , ” Do as I say .” As you were advised la Garza few pieces of fish to burrow mongooses serpant black hole .

Mongoose is greedy fish . Following the trail to eat fish, the mongoose is reached agujero. And when he saw his enemy, the black snake , killed it .

However, the mongoose also heard the cries of the newborn young la Garza . He quickly climbed the tree and ate all .

Garza neighboring felt sad and guilty for giving advice without thinking.

Moral: When one thinks of a paln , one should also think of the consequences.