Give help where you want

Shibu mother sometimes asked him to take the trash or water garden . But always refused . His head was full of the exploits that made the characters in her book of short stories. Hoped would also have the opportunity to do those things.

One day he saw a fire burning in a garden outside a house . To help the people of the house , ran to the garden and poured bucket after bucket of water and sprinkled before expanding. Then a woman came out of the house and said, ” What have you done , naughty child, doused the fire that started in the game! ” Shibu apologized and walked away.

Another day I chased a kid running out the back door of a house thinking it was a thief, only to discover he was a member of the house. The boy was taking the back door because it was a shortcut. The child’s parents complain to Shibu mother because the boy was hurt.

” Give a little help when asked ,” said Shibu mother . “And sooner or later you will get the opportunity to do bigger things . “

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