Chetak the Brave Horse

Chetak the Brave Horse – King Sto

In the sixteenth century , a king named Rana Pratap ruled over parts of northwest India. The king had to fight several battles in his life. In most of his battles , his brave horse named Chetak fought bravely with his master and had protected the life of its owner.

Of the many battles he fought the king, the most important was the battle of Haldighati . Chetak lost his life in that battle , but he died as one of the great heroes of history.

During the battle , the army of Rana Pratap was only a quarter the size of the enemy army . But Chetak , like his master, was not afraid. I galloped with Rana on his back , to the elephant in the enemy sat and lifted her feet against the huge beast . The elephant panicked and turned around and in the process the sword in his trunk cut through one of the legs of Chetak .

With three legs, Chetak still lunged forward with his master. But Chetak soon understood that the life of his master was in danger. Then he refused to go on. Reverse their own, on three legs , made ​​an incredible leap over a stream , taking his master to safety , away from the battlefield. Then he collapsed and died in the lap of its owner.

A statue of Chetak still lives in the city of Udaipur in India.

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