Across the hill the grass is greener

Across the hill the grass is greener

Sheela was indifferent to any study or work and always wanted to play. Then his parents put in a boarding school where discipline was better. Sheela hated the place.

So one day when he noticed some children playing in the streets outside the school , she offered to exchange clothes with one of the girls , called Runa , who it was the same size . She made Runa live instead in school and said she would live at home instead of Runa so she could play in the streets every day.

But within two days he was tired of the life she chose Sheela. There were no books or toys at home Rune and he had to do a lot of hard work. Two days later she returned to school and asked Runa return your clothes.

But Rune refused . He said he now has the opportunity to study , never going to return your seat at school. Sheela then realized that the life I had was better than Rune and had not had done its value then. Finally came back to school with the help of his parents, but he had to learn the lesson the hard way.

And it was father to Sheela kind of heart that allowed Rune also continue in school.

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