A Brahmin and a Scorpion

A Brahmin and a Scorpion

One day a brahmin was worshiping Soorya Devataa in a river. A scorpion fell out of a tree and the river , injuring himself. He could not swim , so he was drowning in the waves of the river. Brahman was very friendly so I picked up in his hand and tried to place it on the riverbank. But as it got , the scorpion stung the hand. Brahman cried with pain and the scorpion fell into the river . Again he began to choke .

Brahman again got in his hand , the scorpion stung her hand again , Brahmin cried again with pain, and Scorpion down again into the water. This happened several times . Nor Brahmin abandoned nature of goodness, nor let the scorpion sting nature .

A man was standing on the river bank. He told Brahmin , ” Hey Brahmin . This is a scorpion. Whenever you respond, you itch . Yet when you try to avoid it, what keeps you nailed . Allow the river. Makes no sense to do good to a bad person.”

Brahman spoke, ” Brother, when you leave your bad habit , how can I leave my good habit ? ” Brahmin finally managed to collect and leave it in the bank.

[ This is characteristic of a saint : a bad person does wrong to a saint, but a saint always does good to him. ]

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