The Evergreen – Kids Story

Winter was near and all the birds were gone for the warm south , away from the cold winter but a bird could not fly because its wing was broken . He was alone in the world but the forest seemed warm and thought it would make an attempt .

He came to a birch.

“Dear birch, my wing is broken and can not go to my friends to the south. Would you be so kind as to let me live in its branches until spring? ” Begged the bird .

” No way I have my own birds to help . I can not help you. ” Said the proud birch.

” Perhaps the oak will be more friendly ” thought the bird and made his way to the mighty oak .

” Strong oak, let me eat some of your acorns until spring. I’m alone and cold and hungry .”

“Sorry but it’s certainly a very long time. ” Oak refused to help.

The poor bird was near the willow.

” Willow , you are so kind. Would you kindly give me shelter until spring? ” Asked the bird very well.

” I do not know and do not talk to strangers , I’m sorry . ”

The poor bird tried to fly, but was unsuccessful .

” Where are you going bird guy? ” came a soft voice .

” I do not know ”

“Come now . I offer my warmest branch to sleep. ” White fir was speaking .

” Really? ” the bird asked .

” Yes , ” replied the friendly white spruce .

The pine tree type spoke next .

” That you can protect yourself from the cold north wind with my branches . They are not very thick , but I’m strong and big.”

“I can help too,” he joined the juniper.

” I offer my best fruits. Birds are my love berries ”

“You are all very friendly … ” said the bird .

In fact, white fir leaves the bird to sleep in their arms while they protected the pine and juniper gave their best fruits for birds to eat .

The treasurer of oak, birch and willow rude blades drew near them. In the morning these leaves lying on the ground . The north wind came in the night and touched every leaf fell from the tree.

” May I touch every leaf in the forest ? ” asked the north wind Frost King .

” Yes, except spruce, pine and juniper that helped the poor bird .”

Since then fir, pine and juniper are always green .

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