Tails and Dragons

The Dragons – Animal Story

Dragon had left his lair in the majestic mountains of Spain when he found a lost child. Mourning in the village had reached their ears and the ringing of church bells broke her heart . I was once lost a dragon so I should be for this child. He heard cries of mother and learned that plaintiff had a son , his name was Ricardo and he was nine. Needed medication every day because he had asthma.

” Oh God , ” the dragon roared as he drew on his strength, developed his powerful wings and ready to start a new search . “I must go to all the caves , rivers and trails .” A child can hide in any number of places where an adult can not find it.

So it was raised to any of the dens , dens , river beds and bushes and you might think walking distance of the village children . No sign of the child. Dragon breath and blew fire in heavy dense forests to make a path to caves or crevices mountail he could have taken . Nothing . ‘ Hmmph ‘ said the dragon.

He decided to fly through the sky and take your time getting home . He flew low over the valleys, high peaks and swirled over the falls. No sign of the guy no matter which way he went .

When he returned home , he rested for a moment before entering his lair. Inside were berries and apples to eat and fresh water he had brought in a bucket to drink. But something was wrong. Ripe apples had disappeared and the water bucket was half full . What was happening ?

Under the covers in the den , and broke one squeek a yawn. He was very frightened the dragon. ‘Who ‘s there? ‘ He shouted . Lots of black hair emerged followed by two large dark eyes. ‘ I, Ricardo ‘ pronounced the child.

‘ What are you doing in my house? ‘ . Demanded the dragon. The boy swallowed hard but began to mourn , ‘I’m lost and can not find my way home ‘ bubbles.

” Well I know your people and the whole world is mourning his loss,” the dragon tried to whisper , ‘ so we’re going home. The boy rode the dragons neck and clung tightly to two scales. They soared over the field and finally reached the village .

The dragon had let Ricardo outside the village and told her to go immediately to his mother. He was not allowed to enter the village because most people was scared of him.

Ricardo was safe in the arms of his mother when the dragon went off to his lair. What happened to him ?

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