The Death of a Bird

The Death of a Bird – Animal Story

Once upon a time , there lived a Sivana , a bird with two heads. One day he found a strange fruit in the sea. Got up and began to eat. The head that fed exclaimed, ” many a sweet fruit thrown by the sea I have ever eaten , but this tops them all is the fruit of a sandalwood tree or parijata divine ? ”

Hearing this, the other head called taste the fruit , but the first boss refused , saying . ” Have a common stomach, so there is no need for you to eat too much I’ll give our heart, Bharundi ” and with that, he launched eat fruit half the female.

Since that day, the second head carried a grudge against the first and waiting for an opportunity to take revenge . One day I found a poisoned fruit . Picking fruit , told the first head “selfish wretch! See , here is a poison fruit and will eat me ! ”

” Do not do that , silly ! ” cried the first head, ” I’ll kill both of you! ”

But the second head would not listen . Consume poison and soon the two-headed bird was dead.

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