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The company’s strength – Animal Story

Once upon a time lived a colony of frogs in a pond. One day one of the frogs said :

“I’ve heard that a few miles from here there is a much bigger pond where there are many more insects that feed . Water is also clear in that pond . ‘m Going to go there.”

“Are you sure that the other pond is good? ” asked a young toad called Sheiko .

“Not sure . But I will explore whether it is good and will live there permanently.

” How will we know that you have arrived there safely ? ”

” If I’m not back , certainly have reached another pond and I’m living there happily . If the new place is not good, I will definitely return . ”

So let the frog and the others waited for a few days to see if he will return . When they did not, they decided that happily placed in the other world .

The truth is that shortly after the frog had waded out of the pond , a snake that was sunning on the shore, had eaten . It even got a chance to try the other pond.
After a few days another toad also decided to go for the new pond. Shieko the same questions, and also said that frog again if the other tank is not good.

So they left several frogs . Since none of them has returned, all remaining frogs thought to have a good time in the new pond . Meanwhile , the snake fattening frogs for each frog was eaten by the snake.

When he began the tenth frog protested Sheiko .

” How do we know if those who remain are happy? ” Sheiko asked .

“Otherwise why did not they come back ? ” asked the tenth toad.

“Somehow , I’m not sure all of them are happily living in the pond of another. Suggest that this time we should go together for those who do not like the new pond can return , while others may remain place. ”

It seemed a good idea to everyone . So the entire colony of frogs, young and old, out of the pond and slowly began to move in the direction where they thought there was a new pond.
The snake saw the army of frogs to come and could not believe his luck. There was enough frogs you so you can last a lifetime . But the fact is that nobody can eat food of a lifetim once . Then the snake decided to eat as much as you can.

The snake ‘s army ran frogs . She opened her mouth as she could and began to swallow a frog after another. But because so many swallowed , the snake could not close his mouth. It suffocated with all the frogs had swallowed and soon drowned.

When the snake died , the remaining frogs taken its mouth open and freed the frogs which he had swallowed . And they understood that all his friends had left earlier had finished in the stomach of the snake and had not reached the other pond.

Everyone felt there was no point in going in search of an unknown place where there could be unforeseen enemies like Snake . Together, all the frogs back to their good old pond .

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