The Children Know Better

The Children Know Better – Kids Story

Raju and sanju were two neighborhood children. One day, when played together , Raju was angry for some reason and hit sanju .

Sanju ‘s mother , who was watching from home, felt and ran out of the house .

” How dare you hit it like that , you’re a bad guy? ” he shouted at Raju .

Raju ‘s mother heard the commotion and came out of his house.

” Who are you to yell at my son ? ” asked the mother sanju .

The two women started fighting . At the sound , many people left their homes. Some of them took sides and began to abuse others while others remained as spectators watching the fight .

Raju and sanju saw the fight for a while. So bored and slipped out of the group . They moved away from the crowd and started fresh games.

The fight soon became physical and one man is injured . Spectators brought the village chief to resolve the dispute . They explained that the boss how the fight started .

” Where are the boys? ” asked the chief.

The chief and others went in search of boys and found them playing together making small clay pots and pans .

“You can learn from Raju and sanju and fix the fight, ” said the head and left.

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