the fox and the goat story

The Fox and the Goat story

A hot sunny day, a thirsty fox looked down into a deep well and fell .

“I wanted some water , but not so much , ” said the fox to himself, splashing . ” Now how am I going to get out of here ? ” He looked up at the top of the well.

Just a thirsty goat came to the well . He looked down and was surprised to see the fox in the water.

” What are you doing ? ” asked the goat.

“I came to get some of this wonderful cold water, ” said the fox , pretending that everything was fine. ” Come and try . ‘s The best water ever tested ! ” Cried the goat. “And there is more water for miles.”

“I thirst , and the water looks great , ” I thought the goat. “OK .Care , I’m going down ! ” Cried the goat and jumped down into the well.

Like the goat started drinking , the fox said, ” there is a small problem. The top of the well is so high that it will be hard to leave here. But do not worry . I have a plan .”

” If you put his front paws on the borehole wall , run back and jump to the top ,” said the fox. “Once I get out I’ll help you out too . ”

The goat did as he was told and the fox jumped on his back , jumped on his horns and then stirred up the well.

“That was a very good plan ,” said the fox , looking at the goat. “Goodbye” .

” But , and I ? ” cried the goat from downhole .

” If ” you had brains you’d never gone down there until it had resolved how to climb again, you said the fox . “Have you heard the phrase , look before you leap ? ” The fox laughed and ran away.

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