Crow and Cuckoo

Crow and Cuckoo – Animal Story

When mother heard Cuervo cute kids singing , I felt sad that her children could not sing.

‘ Maybe if you grew up with cute kids, they can also learn to sing, ‘ thought the raven .

So when it comes time to lay eggs , the crow laid an egg in the nest of the cuckoo arrived in a nearby tree . The egg hatched with cuckoo eggs. From kids were cute too dark , the cute mother did not know the baby was different and well fed with her children .

After a few days , cuckoo mother began to train their children to sing. When she said coo -coo , all his children also sang coo -coo . But son crow caw- caw said . All crazy guys started laughing at the baby crow. The next day, when the mother came out cute forage for food, and everyone made fun baby crow pecked and pushed out of the nest .

The mother crow roost in the nearby tree , he saw his son fall . She picked it up and brought it to its nest . Now understood that it was useless to defy the rules of nature.

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