Bad day

The Bad day – Kids Story

I was so close to tears . You could feel just behind my eyelids threatening to spill at any time. I could feel my face crumpling a ball, my trembling lips … I needed a friend. He was surrounded by friends, but something was missing . And then I realized . I was having the bad day of my life , and nobody cared .

Recently I acquired the status of ” class clown ” , always looking towards a laugh, and I’m generally happy to comply . But then I realized that due to my new position , no one took me seriously anymore. Somehow everyone had forgotten that the class clown , no matter how silly, has feelings too.

Then I walked alone, apart from my group and I cradled my tears, mourn not afford when I felt a presence beside me. I looked up and there was a stranger, a child had never known.

” Are you okay? ” asked, and the tears began to fall.

” Thanks ,” I said , smiling in spite of my tears.

” For what? ” he asked . ” I needed that .” I replied .

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