An Intelligent Person and a Foolish Person

An Intelligent Person and a Foolish Person

Once a lion forgot his way and came to a city . Since I was a wild animal, it became necessary to capture him. The villagers went through great efforts to catch him and lock him in a cage. The cage was left at a roundabout waiting to collect municipal authorities.

Two days passed , but not one came to take him away . The lion was very hungry at the time. People passed, but do not help . Who would have the courage to touch that cage ? The Lion asked several people and going to open his cage and let him go to the forest , but nobody would listen .

A man seen in a while and the Lion asked for help. Lion Man pity .

“If you open the cage, eat me up? ” the man asked the Lion.

The Lion said, ” Oh , no, never How can I eat the person who released me I would be grateful if you open my cage I please open . ? . “

Man reconfirmed that Leon would not eat and after confirming , opened the cage and left the Lion.

Immediately after he left , the man Leon said , ” Listen , I am grateful that he heard me and delivered me . But I have not eaten for several days and want to eat . Where will I find my food?”

The man was very scared. Still , he recalled with courage the Lion on their promise not to eat . But the lion was hungry and wanted to eat the man.

The man looked around , but unfortunately no one saw fto help . Again the Lion asked not to eat , but the Lion was inflexible. At the moment, I saw a man coming toward him . The other man saw a man and a lion standing together, and immediately realized that the matter was serious . The first man told him the whole story and asked his help.

The other man said Leon, ” this man has been released. Why do you want to eat? “

The Lion said, ” I’m really hungry for that.”

The other man said, ” I am unable to understand the whole thing Can you explain again. ? “

The lion told the whole story , beginning with the time he was locked in the cage until he left the cage.

The man said, “Sorry I’m still unable to understand why you do not teach me how to shut in the cage. . ? “

“Okay ,” Leon , climbing the cage, said ” I was standing well before this man leaves me . “

The other man said the first man and immediately left the cage door .

So the lion was again locked in the cage and the man was saved .

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