An Ascetic Story

An Ascetic Story – Kids Story

A young ascetic sitting in meditation under a tree was dotted with bird droppings .

I glared at the culprit and such was the intensity of his anger that the bird was reduced to ashes.

Its concentration disturbed , the ascetic rose and went in search of food . Knocked on the door of a house but there was no answer . He knocked again and the lady of the house shouted that she was coming. Currently she left with food and seeing that he was upset at having to wait so long , smiled and said . “Please do not try Burn me with your angry bird did that look like my dharma as a housewife first is meeting the needs my family before the needs of others. “

The ascetic realized that she was a normal woman and was ashamed of himself. I asked him to teach what dharma was. She should see Vyadha Dharma .

The ascetic went in search of Dharma Vyadha hoping to find a venerable sage , but the man turned out to be a meat salesman .

Dharma Vyadha made ​​him wait while he served his customers. When the ascetic showed signs of impatience, meat salesman smiled and said . ” As the first duty of the woman he was with his family, my first obligation is to my clients “

So they waited for the ascetic. When were the last of their customers , the seller of meat became the ascetic and invited him home.

When they reached the house of Dharma Vyadha again became ascetic wait while your host lovingly attended to his parents. It was some time before the meat vendor could return to his guest, but the young man did not show any trace of anger. A transformation had come over him.

” Now I know what dharma is ,” he said , standing up and waving meat seller .

It abandon the path of asceticism came home and apologized to his parents for abandoning his old age .

“I seek your blessing ,” he said , ” ” Give me strength to do my Dharma.

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