A Mime in a Zoo

A Mime in a Zoo – Animal Story

One day , an output of work mime was visiting the zoo and attempted to earn some money as a street performer. As he began to draw a crowd , a guard grabbed him and drug his office.

The zookeeper explained mime that the zoo ‘s most popular attraction , a gorilla, had died suddenly and feared attendance at the zoo will fall . He offered the mime dressed as the gorilla until they could get another job . Mime accepted .

So the next morning the mime put on a gorilla suit and entered the cage before the crowd. He discovered it was a great job. Could sleep all he wanted , play and make fun of people , and drew the largest crowds ever did as a mime.

However, the crowd began to tire of him and he got tired of just swinging on tires . He began to notice that people were paying more attention to León in the cage next to his .

Not wanting to lose the attention of your audience , climbed to the top of his cage , crawled across a partition and hanging from the top of the cage Lion . Of course, this angered the lion, but the audience loved it . At the end of the day , the keeper gave the mime a raise for being a good attraction .

Well, this did not last long , mime was mocking the Lion , the crowd grew and his salary kept rising . Then one terrible day, when he was dangling over the furious lion he slipped and fell . The mime was terrified.

The Lion gathered and ready to attack . The mime was so scared he started running around and around the cage with the lion close behind .

Finally , the mime began to yell and scream , “Help , help ! ” But the lion was quick and sanding. The mime soon found himself on his back looking at the angry lion and the lion said : ” Shut up , fool You want us to get fired “

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