A Horse who wore Snow Shoes

A Horse who wore Snow Shoes

Mr. Grim had to go to their camp in the valley of pine tree in the midst of the mountains of California. His men were felling the giant trees and piling them in preparation for the spring freshet , or river floods when the snow melted . Then you slide the descending the slopes of the mountain to the people below .

There was a lot of snow in the mountains , and Mr. Grim knew hard work would go up to the camp , but Lady Gray was strong and used .

Lady Gray pet horse was Mr. Grim and took him everywhere. He was always happy when his master was in the saddle .

But today the snow was very deep and soon Mr. Grim had to go down , pull the saddle and guide . They had to stop very often and rely on trees and rocks for support, while they rested and regained their breath.

In places the snow was so deep and soft, which sank above their knees. In the afternoon they reached the camp nearly exhausted , and it was several days before they could return .

The snow was still deep and Mr. Grim knew should go back in snowshoes, but was afraid that Lady Gray would have to be left behind.

Finally one of the men suggested make some snowshoeing. They cut four round pieces of board, twelve inches wide and had secured them with rope . Lady Gray seemed to understand what they were striving for and walk in them .

She was very uncomfortable at first and could barely stand up , but by practicing a little every day soon was able to manage well .

So Mr. Grim and Lady Gray both returned in snowshoes, and how everyone laughed when they saw it.

But Gray Lady never could have done if she had not tried.

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