How has the beaver tail

The largest rodent in North America is called the beaver. It has short ears, large bulging eyes and has a mustache . But the most striking features are its large beaver teeth and his big flat tail .
Beaver lived alone on earth and had a short stubby tail many thousands of years ago. But all animals underwent changes over the years and so did the beaver. She just liked to eat twigs and branches chewed his huge teeth. You could saw a tree tree in half in no time at all. The only problem was I could not see with their eyes very well and he kept losing . Forgot where he left his wife and kits.
Castor also had to survive on what everyone was eating like deer , elk and goats, so I could not stay in the same territory. One day , Castor lost at home and fell into a pond.
He had never swum before and nearly drowned , but his thick heavy water -resistant coat kept him afloat and soon learned to swim. The deer could not swim and goats prefer dry land. So he thought, “I must go to tell my family in this pond .”
When I took them to the water’s edge , said his wife to go swimming and kits show you how. She gracefully slid into the water and swam everywhere. Also made kits . So the father beaver thought this would be a great place to live .
They would not be safe over the pond where fox or puma could find then thought to himself, ‘ I will build a house in the middle of the lake and be safe and warm ‘ . He went to the water’s edge and began to chew the trees and branches. He built a lodge that was mostly underwater passages with different accesses . He packed up all the holes with more leaves and bark, trees and branches. Took kits underwater and his wife at the door and step into the main form . They entered the main house and space for storing your food. They had plenty of air to breathe and safe and warm .
But one day a lion came to the edge of the pond for a drink . The kits were playing in the water and his mother was busy helping dad build the lodge . Father Castor had spotted the cougar and I could not scream or warn kits began to beat his tail on the water surface.
That made kits mother Paloma fear and underwater with their babies to safety.
Puma sniffed and said the beaver, ‘ a short tail will not be a good warning next time I have a drink. ” The beaver became worried and think hard . Needed a flat tail that would act as a palette when I was swimming and do a good slap sound in water when there is danger . So was the aboriginal veterinarian, wise owl, who suggested shooting a log up and down its short tail and see if he could crush flat . rolled registration days and was soon rounded , flat tail , and was very good in the water as a palette .
We continued to grow larger and flatter. His teams were the first generation to have the same flat tail and began the same habit of slapping his tail for danger , living in a shelter and chewing trees.

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